Thornton Community Partnership is campaigning for Thornton to have its own local council.   Local councils cover all the Bradford Metropolitan District outside of Bradford apart from Shipley, and within Bradford there are local councils in Sandy Lane, Wrose, Clayton, and the Trident area of BD5.

In law local councils are defined as parish or town councils.  A Thornton local council could be called Thornton Parish Council, Thornton Town Council, Thornton Community Council, Thornton Neighbourhood Council, Thornton Village Council, or just Thornton Council.  At this stage the name’s not important.

Having a local council brings more say in local matters, including planning, and brings finance from new house building in Thornton, through the Community Infrastructure Levy for use in Thornton. Local Councils can undertake a wide range of activities to improve the areas they serve.  Local councillors, elected by residents do not receive an allowance like Bradford councillors do.

The only drawback is they cost money to run, but all the money raised is spent to benefit the local area.  Examples of how much neighbouring local council’s cost residents per year are:

Parish Band A Band B Band C Band D Band E Band F Band G Band H
Bingley £10.23 £11.94 £13.64 £15.35 £18.76 £22.17 £25.58 £30.70
Clayton £9.58 £11.18 £12.77 £14.37 £17.56 £20.76 £23.95 £28.74
Cullingworth £9.47 £11.05 £12.63 £14.21 £17.37 £20.53 £23.68 £28.42
Denholme £12.61 £14.72 £16.82 £18.92 £23.12 £27.33 £31.53 £37.84
Harden £10.00 £11.67 £13.33 £15.00 £18.33 £21.67 £25.00 £30.00
Haworth £13.35 £15.57 £17.80 £20.02 £24.47 £28.92 £33.37 £40.04
Sandy Lane £12.00 £14.00 £16.00 £18.00 £22.00 £26.00 £30.00 £36.00
Wilsden £16.09 £18.77 £21.45 £24.13 £29.49 £34.85 £40.22 £48.26

Unlike Bradford Councillors who receive an annual allowance of £13,042 each, parish councillors do not receive any allowances.

A parish council has to employ a clerk, who is normallly part-time, and may employ other staff.

One major area of the work is Planning.  Parish Councils are consulted on all planning applications, and most are involved with formulating a Neighbourhood Development Plan.  A Neighbourhood Development Plan has to take account of a larger Council’s Development Plan.


As at 18 May 2918 we will be reviving our campaign to get a Local Council in Thornton.  This page will be rewritten with much more information about Local Councils (Updated 18 May, 2018)