We are publishing information on this page as we check the details..  Here will be public bodies, like Bradford Council, Police,  NHS, etc.  We have details of burseries and child-minders here also rather than in the business directory. While Royal Mail is now a private company, it appears appropriate to put information about collection box times here.

DISCLAIMER  Thornton Community Partnership has made every possible effort to make sure the information given is correct, but cannot be held responsible for errors or omissions.  Please let us know if any information is incorrect, email to

Allotments (Bradford Council)

  • At the top of Royd Street operated by Bradford Council .   See also Top Royd Allotment Association. (Updated May 10, 2018)

Blocked Gullies (Bradford Council)


Bowling Green (Bradford Council)

  •  Situated above the northern end of Wensley Bank West.  Home of the Thornton team in the Bradford Veterans League.


  • Bradford Council’s website has very useful information about all aspects of childcare, including financial assistance for childcare
  • Childminders       Bradford Council has an interactive search facility on their website for childcare.  Currently (April 23, 2017), it lists the following childminders in Thornton, further details of each can be seen by clicking on the appropriate search results:
    • Sally Jane Brooke, Thornton Road, BD13 3BD, 01274 818038,, hours 7.30am to 12.30pm and 12.30pm to 5.45pm Monday to Friday inclusive.  (Updated April 23, 2017)
    • Chantelle Firth, Kinder Kidz, 1 Kinder Close, BD13 3NG  01274 830299, 07817 646724  Open: Monday to Friday 7am to 6pm.  Closed Saturday and Sunday. Facebook (Updated August 28, 2017)
    • Elizabeth Mitchell, Sandmoor Close, BD13 3HU, 01274 426614,,
    • Tania Reagan, Ashfield Road
    • Janie Thirkhill, Alpine Rise, 07738 912472.     Open Monday to Friday,7am to 6pm.
    • Karen Thompson, West Lane.  01274 835007.
    • Doreen Williams, Roundfield Place, BD13 3DP, 01274 835461, Hours: 8am to 5.30pm, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  Ages 0-8.  More details on the Council’s website. (Updated April 23, 2017)
  • Day Nurseries
    • Thornton Lodge Nursery, James Street, BD13 3NS, 01274 270022,  Ofsted registration number EY 488069. Thornton Lodge Day Nursery and Pre-School is a full day childcare facility catering for 71 children between the ages of 0-8 years.  (Updated 6 August, 2016)
  • Parent and Toddler Group
    • St. James ABC Parent and Toddlers, age range 0 – 5, Hours, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays in term time, 9am to 11am.  St James Church Hall.    Opportunity for very young children to play and socialise with their parents / carers in attendance.  Contact Hope 01422 241633, or enquire when open.

Children’s Playground (Bradford Council)

  • At the junction of Royd Street and Thornton Road. Maintained by Bradford Council.

Councillors (Bradford Council)

Thornton is part of Thornton and Allerton Ward which includes Sandy Lane.  Councillors are elected for 4 years, and then may seek re-election,. or stand down.  Council Elections are held in 3 out of every 4 years.  In the 4th year there used to be Metropolitan County Council elections, until that Council was abolished in 1986. Council elections are normally held on the first Thursday in May.  Once elected a councillor has a duty to serve all residents, whether or not they voted, and irrespective of how they voted.  Our 3 Councillors, (in alphabetical order), are:


Doctors (NHS)

  • Thornton Medical Centre, 4 Craven Avenue, BD13 3LG, 01274 832110, Fax 01274 831694.
    • The Green link above takes you to the Medical Centre website.  The most recent change is in respect of applications for same-day appointments.  The queueing up at 8.30am has been scrapped, and replaced by a “Rapid Access Clinic” from 8.30am to 9.45am.   You need to ‘phone them.  After 9.45am you can still ‘phone and ask for a doctor to ‘phone you back.  This may lead to a same-day appointment, advice,  an appointment in the following few days, or other action depending on the nature of the health problem.  (Updated April 18, 2017)

Education, see Schools

Gritting (Bradford Council)

  • Gritting routes are shown hereOther information about Gritting, including requests for gritting and the effects of winter weather, such as refuse collection service disruptions and school closures can be found here.

Gullies, blocked or broken see Blocked Gullies

Library ( Community managed from April 4th, 2017)

  • Thornton Community LibraryMarket Street, BD13 3HW  01274 833442  Facebook and has its own page on this website.  The books and other materials are still provided by Bradford Council Library Service and Thornton has access to the bookstock, etc, of all libraries in the Metroplitan area.
  • The library is staffed and managed by volunteers.
  • Open:
    • Tuesday 2pm to 5pm,
    • Wednesday 10am to 2pm,
    • Friday 1.30pm to 5pm,
    • Saturday 9.30am to 12 noon,
    • Closed Sunday, Monday, and Thursday. 
    • The Council required an Accountable Body to sign an agreement about running the Library.  The Accountable Body is the Thornton and Allerton Community Association who run South Square. 
    • There is a Steering Group of 8 members, some of whom are some of the volunteers.  
    • All volunteers have signed a confidentiality agreement, and either have, or have applied for DBS certificates.  (Updated  May 9, 2018)


Medical Centre (NHS)

  • Thornton Medical Centre, 4 Craven Avenue, BD13 3LG, 01274 832110, Fax 01274 831694
    • The Green link above takes you to the Medical Centre website.  The most recent change is in respect of applications for same-day appointments.  The queueing up at 8.30am has been scrapped, and replaced by a “Rapid Access Clinic” by ‘phone only from 8.30am to 9.45am.   After 9.45am you can still ‘phone and ask for a doctor to ‘phone you back.  This may lead to a same-day appointment, advice,  an appointment in the following few days, or other action depending on the nature of the health problem. (Updated 18 April, 2017)

Members of the European Parliament

Thornton is the the Yorkshire and Humber European Parliamentary Constituency.  Elections are held every five years.   Our members in the European Parliament  (in alphabetical order) are:


Member of Parliament

Thornton is in the Bradford West Constituency.  General Elections are currently fixed every 5 years.

Multi-use Games area (Bradford Council)

  • Maintained by Bradford Council, situated on the site of the former tennis courts, above the northern end of Wensley Bank West.


  • West Yorkshire Police , emergencies only 999,  non-emergencies 101.  Thornton and Allerton Neighbourhood Policing team, Address:     Bradford West, Lawcroft House, Lilycroft Road, Manningham, Bradford, Bradford BD9 5AF , ‘phone 101, their Facebook, Twitter, and email        This map shows crimes in the area.
  • West Yorkshire Police currently operate a number of on-line contact options through the force website  These include : –
    • 101 Live Chat – take part in a live chat with a control room operator, useful for general enquiries
    • Report a Crime – report low level crime to our control room on-line, you report will be forwarded on to local officers if further lines of enquiry exist.
    • Lost Property report property lost in West Yorkshire to our control room on-line and receive a lost property reference number.
    • Local Crime Tracker – track the progress of your crime via the West Yorkshire Police website, you can also send the officer dealing with your case a message via this facility.
    • Leave an Officer a Message use this form to leave the officer dealing with your case a message.
    • Request a Call Back – request a call back from our Customer Contact Centre at a time slot that suits you, 2 hour slots are available from 08:00 to 22:00 hours.
    • Anti-Social Behaviour – report instances of anti-social behaviour to your local officers using this form, this is an alternative to 101 that will still receive the same level of police response.
    • Hate Crime – report non-emergency hate incidents directly to our control room using this form, all reports will be forwarded to your local district police officers.
  • Find out useful information or to get advice about other issues go to our ClickB4UCall section :
    • Noise nuisance
    • Untaxed vehicles
    • Social Media
    • Animal Welfare
    • Fraud and Internet Fraud

Post Office

  • Thornton Post Office, 8 Kipping Lane, BD13 3EL.  Open 9am to 5.30pm, Monday to Saturday (Last updated July 27, 2015)

Public Open Spaces (Bradford Council)

  • At the bottom of Havelock Street and to the east of Havelock Square
  • Between Sapgate Lane and Havelock Street
  • Kipping Park, on the north side of Thornton Road adjacent to Kipping Lane and West Lane.13 Kipping_gardens
  • School Wood, along the Great Northern Trail, westwards past the primary school.  Maintained by Thornton Goes Wild group.DSCN6390

Recreation Centre (Bradford Council)

Recreation Grounds

  • The  Wicken and Recreation Ground  on the northern side of Hill Top Road.  The Cricket Ground, home of Thornton Cricket Club, adjoins it on the west side of Long Row
  • Above the Children’s Playground, on Royd Street.  Has goalposts, but sloping site.
  • School Green Recreation Ground.  Has goalposts, but sloping field.

Royal Mail Collection Boxes – locations and collection times

  • Hill Top Road, in the wall of 32 Hill Top Road.    
    • Monday to Friday 9am; Saturday 7am.   (Updated May 9, 2018)
  • Keelham,  on a telegraph post on the opposite side of road to Asa Nicholson’s
    • Mondays to Fridays 4.30pm; Saturday 11.15am.   (Updated September 28, 2016)
  • Kipping Lane, outside the Post office     Monday to Friday 5pm; Saturday 11.45am.    (Updated Nov. 5th. 2014)
  • Market Street, in the wall of the former Springfield Public House, opposite 1 Market Street     Monday to Friday 9am; Saturday 7am.   (Updated Dec. 7th, 2014)
  • Sapgate Lane, near junction with Back Lane, in the wall of 141 Sapgate Lane     Monday to Friday 4.15pm; Saturday 10.45am    (Updated Nov. 5th 2014)
  • Springhead Road, junction with Thornton Road     Monday to Friday 9am; Saturday 7am.   (Updated Nov 5th. 2014)
  • Springholes Lane, in a wall of 3 Springholes Lane    
    • Monday to Frday 4.15pm; Saturday 10.45am.   (Updated May 9, 2018)
  • Thornton Road, junction with Close Head Drive, alongside the garden of 1 Close Head Drive     Monday to Friday 4.30pm; Saturday 11am.   (Updated Nov. 5th 2014}
  • Thornton Road, junction with Leaventhorpe Lane in the wall of 326 Leaventhorpe Lane     Monday to Friday 9am; Saturday 7am.   (Updated Nov 5th. 2014)
  • Well Heads, in the wall of 21 Well Heads
    • Monday to Friday 9am; Saturday 7am.   (Updated May 9, 2018)

Schools: Primary (Bradford Council)

School: Secondary (An Academy school, part of the Beckfoot Trust)

Street light, bollard, and illuminated street signs faults  (Bradford Council)

  • Report on-line to Bradford Council, or ‘phone Council Contact, 01274 431000  The on-line system displays all street lights on a map of the area, showing those, in red, which have already been reported.  If the street light you wish to report is in green, click on it and then click as indicated.



(Updated March 26, 2017  changes to grammar)








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