Reports of crimes in Thornton received from the West Yorkshire Police On-line Neighbourhood Watch service are listed here.  Over time Crime Prevention advice from Online Neighbourhood Watch will be combined with Crime Reports in date order.

The crimes reported here fall into 4 main categories, burglary dwelling, burglary other, and theft from cars and theft of cars.  A map showing all crime in our local area, including other crimes, can be found on the national Police uk websiteFor information about crimes not specific to Thornton, and crime prevention see Crime Prevention.  For general information see West Yorkshire Police’s website      The Thornton and Allerton Neighbourhood Policing Team’s website is here,  their Twitter Facebook, and email .

‘If information is to be of value it has to be shared’

If you have any information regarding these, or any other crimes, please phone the Police on 101 or CRIMESTOPPERS: 0800555111


September 18

  • Between 17 Sep 2017 0030 &  17 Sep 2017 0300, Upper Kipping Close, offenders gain entry via an insecure ground floor window. They make untidy search but nothing stolen.
  • Between 16 Sep 2017 2330 &  17 Sep 2017 0955, Low Wood, West Lane, entry made via an insecure door. Property including car keys are removed. Keys are used to steal a car from outside.

Advice for residents:

 .   Remember 1 in 4 of all burglaries involve entry via an insecure door. Lock doors and windows even when you are at home.

.    Keep your house and vehicle keys in safe place and away from the door. Do not leave them in locks or out on work surfaces.

.   Leave a light on.

.   Remove all items from your vehicle when parked. Do not leave anything on display.

If you have any information regarding these, or any other crimes, please phone the Police on 101 or CRIMESTOPPERS: 0800555111

Dash Cam public submissions send to:  bd.steerside

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September 12

12th September 2017

We are aware of a cyber incident affecting the credit rating agency Equifax, and are working with partners to understand any potential impact in the UK.

Since the incident was first reported to us on Friday 8 September, we have been working with Equifax, as well as law enforcement partners in the USA and UK, in order to gain a precise understanding of the extent of the data leak and whether any UK citizens may have been affected. We will post a more detailed update when we have more information to give.

Until then, anyone concerned that their data may be affected can contact Equifax by visiting the Equifax website for further information.

Here’s what you can do to make yourself safer:

  • If any of your financial details were compromised, notify your bank or card company as soon as possible. Review your financial statements regularly for any unusual activity.
  • Be suspicious of any unsolicited calls, emails or texts, even if it appears to be from a company you know of. Don’t open the attachments or click on links within unsolicited emails, and never disclose any personal or financial details during a cold call.
  • Check your bank accounts and report any suspicious activity to your bank.
  • If you have been a victim of fraud or cyber crime, please report it to us on the Action Fraud website.

Criminals often use information they have obtained during a data breach to commit fraud by contacting people by email and requesting them to provide personal information or click on malicious links

  • An email address can be spoofed. Don’t open attachments or click on the links within any unsolicited emails you receive, and never respond to emails that ask for your personal or financial details. 
  • The sender’s name and number in a text message can be spoofed, so even if the message appears to be from an organisation you know of, you should still exercise caution; particularly if the texts are asking you to click on a link or call a number.
  • Don’t disclose your personal or financial details during a cold call, and remember that the police and banks will never ring you and ask you to verify your PIN, withdraw your cash, or to transfer your money to another “safe” account.

We would also reiterate our general cyber security advice, which people can apply to their own personal data and computer devices:

  • Ensure you have strong passwords, being at least 10 characters long, using a mixture of upper and lower case characters, and including numbers and symbols.
  • Use a different password for different websites you visit.
  • Rise in reports of student loan scam email

    • First-year and returning university students warned of a phishing scam that claims to be from the student loan provider.
    • Fraudsters are believed to be targeting victims as they prepare to start their new academic year
    • Victims are duped into giving up personal information that is used to steal their identity and defraud them.
    • The Student Loans Company has confirmed that the email is not genuine.

    The fraudulent email has come to light over the last two weeks in the lead up to the new academic year and claims that Student Loans Company accounts have been suspended due to incomplete student information.

    It therefore urges the recipient to update their details using a web link which then leads to a fake website with the aim of harvesting personal details. 

    The scam is believed to target both new and current university students. However, examples of the scam have been reported where individuals who have never applied for student finance have also received the email.

  • Pension websites that carry anti-scam messaging could be fraudsters in disguise

    The Pensions Regulator (TPR) is warning people about rogue pension websites that are carrying anti-scam messages to try to trick consumers into believing that they are legitimate businesses.

    These websites have been flagged to TPR because they are designed to look like legitimate pension scheme investments.

    Some of the reported websites suggest they are regulated by carrying warning messages designed to prevent people falling victim to fraud, such as making reference to the tax implications over accessing your pension before the age of 55 and the danger of cold-callers.

    They also carry Project Bloom campaign material without TPR’s consent. This is a taskforce set up to tackle pension scams, which is led by TPR. It includes the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), HM Treasury, the Financial Conduct Authority, HM Revenue & Customs, the Serious Fraud Office, City of London Police (Action Fraud) the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau, The Pensions Advisory Service, and the National Crime Agency.

    This warning comes after the DWP announced that it will bring in legislation for a cold-calling ban, tighter rules to prevent the opening of fraudulent pension schemes and restrictions to prevent transfers into scam schemes.

    TPR Chief Executive Lesley Titcomb said: “These sites are wolves in sheep’s clothing, lying in wait for unsuspecting victims by portraying themselves as being beyond reproach.

    “The truth is that this next generation of scam sites poses a real threat to people’s financial futures and should be avoided.

    “We welcome the Government’s tough new measures, which will strike a significant blow to pension scammers who devastate people’s lives by duping them out of their life savings.

    “We are working closely with government, enforcement agencies and key financial service bodies to bring scammers to justice and, through our Scorpion campaign, to help the public protect themselves from scams.”

    Anyone considering transferring their pension from their current provider should get advice from TPR first. There you can read tips on how to make sure you are not putting your financial future at risk by transferring your funds to a risky investment or scam.

    Report fraud and cyber crime and receive a police crime reference number.

  • CeX – 2 million customer details compromised

    Up to 2 million CeX customers may have had their personal information compromised after the electronics retailer suffered a cyber attack.

    Data compromised by the hackers includes first names, surnames, addresses, email addresses and phone numbers of registered CeX customers.

    As a precautionary measure CeX are emailing up to 2 million of their registered website customers who could potentially be affected. Customers, who do not receive an email, are not affected.

    CeX, which also runs the website, is asking customers to change their passwords immediately.

    A good way to create a strong password is to use three random words and numbers, which are memorable to you, but not for other people to guess. 

  • Identity fraud figures soar

    • Record 89,000 cases recorded in first six months of year by Cifas
    • Sharp rise in identity fraudsters applying for loans, online retail, telecoms and insurance products.
    • Identity fraud now accounts for 56% of all fraud reported by Cifas members, of which 83% was committed online. 

    Cifas, the UK’s leading fraud prevention service, has released new figures showing thatidentity fraudhas continued to rise at record levels in the first six months of 2017. A record 89,000 identity frauds were recorded, up 5% from last year.

    Although the number of identity fraud attempts against bank accountsandplastic cards has fallen these still account for more than half of all identity fraud cases.

    How fraudsters operate

    The vast majority of identity fraud happens when a fraudster pretends to be an innocent individual to buy a product or take out a loan in their name. Often victims do not even realise that they have been targeted until a bill arrives for something they did not buy or they experience problems with their credit rating.

    To carry out this kind of fraud successfully, fraudsters need access to their victim’s personal information such as name, date of birth, address, their bank and who they hold accounts with. Fraudsters get hold of this in a variety of ways, from stealing mail through to hacking; obtaining data on the ‘dark web’; exploiting personal information on social media, or though ‘social engineering’ where innocent parties are persuaded to give up personal information to someone pretending to be from their bank, the police or a trusted retailer.

    Head of the City of London Police’s Economic Crime Directorate, Detective Superintendent Glenn Maleary, said:

    “Identify fraud continues to be a significant issue in law enforcement and the new figures which Cifas has released today come as no surprise. The more our lives move online the easier it becomes for fraudsters to steal our identity. It has become normal for people to publish personal details about themselves on social media and on other online platforms which makes it easier than ever for a fraudster to steal someone’s identity.

    “We urge consumers and businesses to be conscious of identify fraudsters and to use our protection advice to help stop them in their tracks. We continue to work with banks, retailers and other members of industry to disrupt fraudsters activity however we also realise it is our responsibility to help advise consumers and businesses around these types of issues. ” 


September 11

September 5

  • Between 02 Sep 2017 1820 & 02 Sep 2017 1900, Leaventhorpe Lane, number plates stolen.
  • Between 01 Sep 2017 0900 &  01 Sep 2017 1745 Lower Heights Road,  entry by smashing rear window in a patio door. They make an untidy search and remove items including car keys and use them to steal a vehicle from the driveway.
  • Between 29 Aug 2017 1700 & 29 Aug 2017 1700, Brontë Old Road, number plates stolen

August 30

  • Theft from Vehicles

    Please see below and attached advice on how to prevent yourself becoming a victim of vehicle crime:

    – Never leave any items of value in your vehicle on leaving it unoccupied.

    – Do not leave items of value in the boot – some parcel shelves may not fit flush or may have dropped off centre after use, the smallest of gaps may provide an opportunity for an offender to see through.

    – Always remove sat-navs and their holders. Ensure there is nothing left to show that you may have a sat nav in the vehicle, i.e. the sucker mark from the holder is wiped off the window.

    – Wherever feasible do not leave any work or business related equipment in your vehicle, especially when your vehicle is left unoccupied overnight – having such items stolen can have a serious impact on your livelihood.

    – If you regularly store work equipment in your vehicle overnight is there a more secure option at your place of business?

    – Remove items of value from the glove box and leave it open to show that it is empty – this includes vehicle registration documentation.

    – If you are out shopping don’t return to the car to leave bags on your back seat and then return to the shops.

    – Ensure that windows and sunroofs are closed – never leave them open, and if you drive a convertible always close the soft top. You may know that a bag or a box in your vehicle is empty or contains nothing of value, but an offender won’t do and it may catch their attention

    Theft from vehicle (70 KB)

August 16

  • Alert: Fraudsters claiming to be from HMRC

    • Fraudsters are contacting the elderly and vulnerable claiming to be from HM Revenue & Customs.
    • Victims are being told they have arrest warrants, outstanding debts or unpaid taxes in their name. 
    • The fraudsters are asking victims to purchase iTunes gift cards as payment. 
    • There are a variety of methods being used including calls, texts and voicemails.

    Action Fraud is warning people once again of scammers contacting victims claiming to be from HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) that trick people into paying bogus debts and taxes using iTunes gift cards.

    Victims are being contacted in a variety of methods by fraudsters claiming to be from HMRC and are being told they owe an outstanding debt. In most cases they ask for payment in iTunes gift card voucher codes. 

    Fraudsters like iTunes gift cards to collect money from victims because they can be easily redeemed and easily sold on. The scammers don’t need the physical card to redeem the value and instead get victims to read out the serial code on the back over the phone. 

    Methods fraudsters use:

    Spoofed calls: Fraudsters cold call victims using a spoofed number and convince them that they owe unpaid tax to HMRC. 

    Voicemails: Fraudsters leave victims automated voicemails saying that they owe HMRC unpaid taxes. When victims call back on the number provided, they are told that there is a warrant out in their name and if they don’t pay, the police will arrest them

    Text messages: They may also use text messages that ask victims to urgently call back on the number provided. When victims call back, they are told that there is a case being built against them for an outstanding debt and they must pay immediately.  

    One 87 year old victim recentlytold the BBChe was phoned by fraudsters who claimed to be from HMRC stating there was an arrest warrant out in his name. They told him it would be cancelled if he bought £500 in iTunes gift cards at Tesco.

    The man bought the cards and gave them the serial numbers. But when they asked for a further £1,300 in vouchers, he became suspicious and hung up.

    How to protect yourself: 

    • HMRC will never use texts to tell you about a tax rebate or penalty or ever ask for payment in this way.
    • Telephone numbers and text messages can easily be spoofed. You should never trust the number you see on your telephones display. 
    • If you receive a suspicious cold call, end it immediately.

    Report fraud and cyber crime and receive a police crime reference number.

  • Alert: Misleading missed delivery cards posted through letterboxes

    Residents are being warned about ‘something for you’ cards arriving through letterboxes designed to look like they have come from Royal Mail. 

    The cards which lack the Royal Mail logo look almost identical to the ‘something for you’ slips that are posted through homes when a delivery can’t be made. 

    To organise a redelivery the cards urge recipients to call a 0208 number, which is not registered to Royal Mail. After ringing the number the automated message asks for your details and consignment number.

    A Royal Mail spokesperson told the Express: “The Royal Mail security team is looking into this incident as a matter of urgency. Customers should check delivery cards very carefully to ensure they are genuine, and remain vigilant. Although this card is similar to one of our Something For You cards, the Royal Mail logo is crucially missing”.

    “Customers should also consider whether they are expecting a delivery from the company named on the card”. 

    Whilst we have not received any reports at present, missed delivery cards have been around for a while and come in different formats

    If in doubt, do not call the number provided, give your card details or personal information and get in contact with us

    Real Royal Mail ‘something for you’ cards look like this.

August 8th

  • Since July 23rd we have had details of crimes in Allerton and Sandy Lane, but online neighbourhood watch has not told us of any crimes in Thornton.


July 23

  • Between 23 Jul 2017 0300 &    23 Jul 2017 0318, Thorpe Road, Lock on a garage forced and items removed. The suspect is disturbed and runs off. Suspect is described as: young male early to mid-20’s, dark short hair, wearing a grey long sleeved top and dark baggy tracksuit bottoms.
  • Between 23 Jul 2017 0155 &   23 Jul 2017 0200, Thornton Road, entry gained to insecure garage and property removed

July 12

  • FIFA World Cup Lottery ScamAs a result of letters received by members of the public. There appears to be a resurrected scam from 2014 doing the rounds.We are warning residents to beware of scam letters claiming you have won a large sum of money in the “International FIFA World Cup Online Lottery”.The letter suggests that you are the winner of £800,000 after being selected through a worldwide computer ballot system of three million people. Recipients are asked to contact a “claims agent” on a landline, mobile or fax number provided in order to begin the process of claiming the money.If you make contact with the fraudsters you will be asked to part with money as an upfront payment, or forward money to enable them to enter the tender process for a prize that does not exist. The letter also asks you to inform your “claims agent” of any changes in your personal information or address as soon as possible.Your personal information is commonly used by fraudsters to commit identity fraud.  FIFA have confirmed that any such correspondence has no connection with or authorisation from FIFA and is in no way related to the 2018 or 2022 FIFA World Cup tournaments, nor any other FIFA event.Official lotteries in other countries operate in much the same way as the UK’s National Lotto – none that we know of contact people to tell them of their win. Always remember if you haven’t entered a lottery, then you can’t have won it.This is just one example of a number of scams, both online and via the postal service, to be aware of.

July 10

  • Between 08 Jul 2017 0130 & 08 Jul 2017 0930, Springhead Road, number plates stolen
  • Between 06 Jul 2017 1730 &    06 Jul 2017 1930, Back Heights Road, attempt made to force the lock on a door. No entry made

July 5

  • Ransomware Campaign – Support needed pleaseThe numerous ransomware related incidents over the last few weeks clearly highlight the significant threat it poses to businesses and individuals in the UK. Whilst City of London Police are leading this campaign, ultimately, they believe the success or failure of it will depend on the level of support nationally. Therefore we are aiming to support this campaign as much as we can.The national Hashtag that is being used to raise awareness of the campaign is #RansomAware.Here are a few tips Tip one. The message contains a mismatched URL (Uniform Resource Locator)or web address; often the URL in a phishing message will appear to be perfectly valid. However, if you hover your mouse over the top of the URL, you should see the actual hyperlinked address. If the hyperlinked address is different from the address that is displayed, the message is probably fraudulent or malicious. The URL is the ‘htttps’ entry at the head of the message within the box or internet browser.Tip two. The message contains poor spelling and grammar; if a message is filled with poor grammar or spelling mistakes, it probably didn’t come from a major corporation’s department. Instead it may be an example of SPAM. Tip three. The message asks for personal information; no matter how official an email message might look, it’s always a bad sign if the message asks for any personal information. No reputable company would ask for your personal information via an email. Do not enter any passwords or account numbers.Tip four. The message appears to be from a government agency; UK government agencies rarely use email as an initial point of contact as they have specific protocols to follow. Spammers often send messages claiming to have come from a government enforcement agency such as HMRC. Ignore the content and delete the E mail.Tip five. Something just doesn’t look right; if you receive a message that seems suspicious. Again delete the E mail. Do not open attachments.

July 3

  • Between 01 Jul 2017 0130 & 01 Jul 2017 0700, Thornton Road, Thornton, wing mirrors stolen off a car.
  • Between 29 Jun 2017 1028 & 29 Jun 2017 1028, Ashfield Road, offender gains entry by forcing a rear conservatory window with a garden trowel. Suspect is disturbed and makes off. Nothing stolen.

June 20

  • Between 2300 on 18th June and 0800 on 19th June, West Lane, a lawn mower and power washer stolen from garage.

June 12

  • Between 08 Jun 2017 2335 &  08 Jun 2017 2335, Malt Kiln Lane, side door forced open and a generator is stolen
  • Between 07 Jun 2017 0226 &  07 Jun 2017 0226 Thornton Road, attempt made to force open some sheds. Nothing stolen

June 5

  • Between 02 Jun 2017 0300 02 Jun 2017 0915 125, Theft from motor vehicle, Leaventhorpe Lane, handbag, Miu Miu & Victoria Beckham sunglasses, YSL & Hermes cosmetics stolen
  • Between 01 Jun 2017 2330 &  01 Jun 2017 2330, Leaventhorpe Lane. Lock forced on garage door but no entry made.

Advice for residents:

 .   Remember 1 in 4 of all burglaries involve entry via an insecure door. Lock doors and windows even when you are at home.

.    Consider upgrading your locks and door handles particularly on UPVC doors if installed prior to 2009 (standard to look for: TS 007 or Sold Secure Diamond Standard)

.    Keep your house and vehicle keys in safe place and away from the door. Do not leave them in locks or out on work surfaces.

.   Leave a light on.

.   Remove all items from your vehicle when parked. Do not leave anything on display.

If you have any information regarding these, or any other crimes, please phone the Police on 101 or CRIMESTOPPERS: 0800555111

Dash Cam public submissions send to:


June 1

  • Between 28 April and 28 May, Thornton Road, theft from vehicle, by smashing a window.
  • 22 May, School Green Avenue, theft from vehicle, by smashing a window
  • Between 21st and 22nd May, Northcliffe Avenue, theft of veicle, by smashing a window.

Forgotten Something?

– Got an alarm? Stick it on. Keep a burglar out!

– Close and lock your doors. Keep a burglar out!

– Put your stuff out of sight. Keep a burglar out!

– Make it look like you’re in. Keep a burglar out! 

May 30

Smishing Fraud Alert 
Smishing – the term used for SMS phishing – is an activity which enables criminals to steal victims’ money or identity, or both, as a result of a response to a text message. Smishing uses your mobile phone (either a smartphone or traditional non-internet connected handset) to manipulate innocent people into taking various actions which can lead to being defrauded.

The National Fraud Intelligence Bureau has received information that fraudsters are targeting victims via text message, purporting to be from their credit card provider, stating a transaction has been approved on their credit card.

The text message further states to confirm if the transaction is genuine by replying ‘Y’ for Yes or ‘N’ for No.

Through this method the fraudster would receive confirmation of the victim’s active telephone number and would be able to engage further by asking for the victim’s credit card details, CVV number (the three digits on the back of your bank card) and/or other personal information.

Protect yourself:

Always check the validity of the text message by contacting your credit card provider through the number provided at the back of the card or on the credit card/bank statement.Beware of cold calls purporting to be from banks and/or credit card providers. If the phone call from the bank seems suspicious, hang up the phone and wait for 10 minutes before calling the bank back. Again, refer to the number at the back of the card or on the bank statement in order to contact your bank.

If you have been a victim of fraud or cyber crime, please report it to Action Fraud at          or alternatively by calling 0300 123 2040

May 24

  • Between 22 May 2017 0735 22 May 2017 0810, School Green Avenue, car window smashed & handbag stolen.
  • Between18 May 2017 0845 & 18 May 2017 1445, Thornton Road, Thornton, entry by breaking a window. IPhone 5s and Kindle Fire stolen.
  • Between 19 Apr 2017 0900 &  19 Apr 2017 1400, James Street, window smashed. No entry.
  • Between 19 Apr 2017 0300 &  19 Apr 2017 0315, School Green, an attempt made to enter by an open window. The suspect is disturbed and makes off.
  • Between 19 Apr 2017 0200 & 19 Apr 2017 0200, Leaventhorpe Lane, front door forced and entry made. Alarm is activated and suspects make off. Nothing stolen
  • Between 11 Apr 2017 2300 &  12 Apr 2017 0750, Leaventhorpe Lane, suspect/s snap door lock. Cash stolen.

April 6

  • Between 05 Apr 2017 0010 & 05 Apr 2017 0015, Hill Top Road, entry gained by forcing the door lock kitchen entered and a search made. Nothing stolen.
  • Between 01 Apr 2017 0403 & 01 Apr 2017 0403, Watkin Avenue,  lock on front door forced and entry gained. Vehicle keys are removed from a table and used to steal car from outside.
  • Between 30 Mar 2017 2300 & 31 Mar 2017 0800, Hillcrest Road, suspects have taken the car keys and house keys from property. Believed to have hooked the keys through the letter box

April 4

Friend or foe? Over 200 reports of ‘friendly’ fraudster email scam in three days 

A message from Action Fraud:In 3 days, Action Fraud has received 226 reports from email users who have this email. The phishing email is sent from a fraudster who describes themselves a “law-abiding citizen” & has accidentally received the email recipient’s personal details. Attached to the email is a document which the fraudster claims contains the recipient’s personal details.The fraudster suggests that the email recipient’s details may have been made available to scammers and they are contacting them to try to rectify the problem. To do so the recipient must open the document.In reality, the attached document opens the door to malware being downloaded onto the victim’s computer. The malware attempts to obtain sensitive data from victims, such as banking credentials and passwords.In order to protect yourself from malware, having up-to-date virus protection is essential; however it will not always prevent you from becoming infected.

•Don’t click on links or open any attachments you receive in unsolicited emails or SMS messages. Remember that fraudsters can ‘spoof’ an email address to make it look like one used by someone you trust. If you are unsure, check the email header to identify the true source of communication.

•Do not enable macros in downloads, enabling the macro will allow the Trojan/malware to be installed onto your device

•Always install software updates as soon as they become available. Whether you are updating the operating system or an application, the update will often include fixes for critical security vulnerabilities.

•Create regular backups of your files to an external hard drive, memory stick or online storage provider. It’s important that the device you back up to isn’t left connected to your computer as any malware infection could spread to that too.

•If you think your bank details have been compromised, immediately contact your bank.

March 29

  • Between 28 Mar 2017 0045 & 28 Mar 2017 0900, Old Road, number plates stolen
  • Between 17 Mar 2017 2045 & 17 Mar 2017 2100, Sapgate Lane, door damaged in an attempt to gain entry. The offenders are disturbed and run off. No entry made, nothing stolen.
  • Between 16 Mar 2017 2300 & 17 Mar 2017 0700 Black Dyke Lane, suspects/s enter compound by unknown means & remove power tools.
  • Between 15 Mar 2017 2000 & 16 Mar 2017 0730 Thornton Road, garage and shed entered & chain saw stolen
  • Between Mar 2017 2359 & 16 Mar 2017 0315, Thornton Road, garage entered by attacking padlocks and wooden panels around door. Property stolen
  • Between 10 Mar 2017 0001 & 14 Mar 2017 2359, Old Road, shed entered, bike chain cut and bike stolen.

March 7

  • Between 06 Mar 2017 0830 & 06 Mar 2017 1237, Sapgate Lane, suspect/s remove window to gain entry. An untidy search of some rooms conducted, property removed. An IPhone 5s & 6, computer equipment, a Briel and an Ellesse watch stolen
  • Between Mar 2017 1700 & 02 Mar 2017 1800, Thornton Road, Thornton, just above the roundabout. Number plates stolen
  • Between 02 Mar 2017 0100 & 02 Mar 2017 1000, Leaventhope Lane, Suspects force French doors at the rear of the property. They enter stealing a PS4, laptop and a set of car keys.

February 24

  • Between 24 Feb 2017 0800 &  24 Feb 2017 0845 Watkin Avenue, entry gained by forcing a rear window. Cash stolen
  • Between 23 Feb 2017 2110 &  23 Feb 2017 2114,  Hill Top Road,  Front window in door smashed. Suspect is disturbed and runs off. Nothing stolen
  • There were 5 reported instances of shed and garage burglaries overnight on the 23rd and 24th January,in the Leaventhorpe Lane and Southlands Avenue area where locks were forced and entry gained. A number of tools were stolen.

February 17

Fish sellers
A warning from Trading Standards has been issued to residents alerting them to the activities of men offering fish for sale.It would appear the men have targeted elderly and vulnerable people selling them fish which they either did not need or the amounts sold were deemed excessive. Some residents appear to have been pressured in to buying the fish.There is nothing to suggest the fish is substandard or unfit for consumption, however, the source of the fish cannot be verified and the sellers have not provided proof that they are authorised to sell fish door to door or are that they are in possession of Food Hygiene Certificates.The men are described as white with North Eastern accents driving a white Ford Transit type van.If you have any information about this please ring the police on 101 or Trading Standards on 03454 04 05 06.

January 25

  • Between 23 Jan 2017 0210 & 23 Jan 2017 0800, Southlands Grove, shed broken into
  • Between 22 Jan 2017 2300 & 23 Jan 2017 0700, Leaventhorpe Lane, shed door forced and push bike stolen
  • Between 20 Jan 2017 0500 & 20 Jan 2017 0747 Watkin Avenue, shed door forced. Nothing stolen
  • Between 19 Jan 2017 2359 & 20 Jan 2017 0800, Watkin Avenue,  shed door forced open & property stolen


January 24 

This leaflet on shed_burglary_prevention has some helpful information from West Yorkshire Police 

January 16

  • Between 15 Jan 2017 0230 & 15 Jan 2017 0900, Springhead Road suspect/s gain access to sheds by removing the glass from the window and breaking the padlock on the door. An untidy search was conducted but nothing stolen.
  • Between 06 Dec 2016 1215 & 06 Dec 2016 1215 outside St. James Parish Church, Thornton Road, window forced and mobile phone and handbag stolen
  • Between 04 Dec 2016 1800 & 05 Dec 2016 0700 Sapgate Lane, suspects force the hinges of the shed door, using a jemmy or similar implement & remove a Gary Fisher mountain bike.

January 8

  • Between 07 Jan 2017 0000 & 08 Jan 2017 0000, Reservoir View, shed door forced. Nothing stolen

Be warned – New Law on Using a Mobile Phone Whilst Driving.
It is illegal to use a mobile phone, held in the hand, whilst driving or while stopped with the engine on, it has been illegal since December 2003.   However, this has not stopped a significant number of drivers from using their handheld mobile devices whilst behind a wheel.     Under the new law due to come into effect in March drivers will receive six points on their driving licence and receive a £200 fine.   These changes will have a significant impact on young motorist offenders as they now risk having their driving licence revoked following a first offence.


December 14

Fake Bank Letters
This information has been sent on behalf of Action Fraud (National Fraud Intelligence Bureau) 
Lloyds customers should be on the lookout for a new
sophisticated fraud that involves fraudsters sending fake bank letters. 
The convincing letters being sent are a replica template from Lloyds and include their logo, address and signature from a customer service representative. The letter tells recipients that there have been some “unusual

transactions” on their personal account and asks them to call a number highlighted in bold to confirm they are genuine.  When victims call the number, an automated welcome message is played and the caller is asked to enter their card number, account number and sort code followed by their date of birth.Victims are then instructed to enter the first and last digit of their security number. The fraud was spotted by the Daily Telegraph who was alerted to it by a reader who had three identical letters sent to an office address. On separate occasions the Daily Telegraph ran some tests using fake details and were passed to fraudsters who claimed to be from a Lloyds contact centre. The bank has confirmed that the phone number and letters are fake.  The letters are essentially a sophisticated phishing attempt and serves as a warning to consumers to question written correspondence from their banks.  If you are ever suspicious about correspondence from your bank you should call the customer serviced number on the back of their card.  To report a fraud and cyber crime, call us on 0300 123 2040 or visit 

December 10

Please see advice from Action Fraud regarding emails received that claim you were caught speeding.   The aim of these emails is to get you to click on the link to “check the photographic evidence” which leads to banking trojan malware.  

November 28

  • Between 27 Nov 2016 1715 & 27 Nov 2016 2300, Back Lane,  offenders use jemmy type instrument to force door away from the frame, and gaining entry. An untidy search is made of the entire house including the loft, numerous electrical items, jewellery, and cash stolen.

November 23

  • Between 22 Nov 2016 0815 & 22 Nov 2016 1645, Sapgate Lane, bike and bike parts, Stihl chain saw stolen
  • Between 21 Nov 2016 2300 & 22 Nov 2016 1000, Green Mount Road, shed forced open. Nothing stolen
  • Between 20 Nov 2016 2300 & 21 Nov 2016 1000, Green Mount Road, Shed lock forced. Nothing stolen
  • Between 20 Nov 2016 1700 & 21 Nov 2016 0730, Thornton Road, tools stolen from shed
  • Between Nov 20 2016 2100 & 21 Nov 2016 0830, Thornton Road, shed door forced, garden equipment stolen

November 15

West Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner’s Report 

Bradford West Neighbourhood Policing Team November newsletter

October 22

10 Principles of Crime Prevention            These principles can assist you in reducing the opportunity for crime to occur at your home, your place of work or your business.  They can be considered for development and implementation by individuals, communities, partners or businesses and act as a check-list to see what steps you may be able to take for your own particular circumstances.  It’s not a case of having to use all of the 10 Principles at once, you may find using just one of them could help you or it may be a combination of several of them.   Please click here for an explanation as what the principles are and how they work.

October 12

  • Between Tuesday Oct 2016 0330 & 11 Oct 2016 0500  Ellingham Court, suspect/s enter through an insecure front door, a tidy search is made & a Casio watch, debit & credit cards stolen
  • Between Monday Oct 2016 2145 & Tuesday 11 Oct 2016 0715, Back Field, entry gained via an insecure window & an I pad, Samsung Laptop, credit cards, keys, purse handbag stolen
  • Between Sunday 09 Oct 2016 2130 & 09 Oct 2016 2130 Thornton Road, Thornton suspect(s) enter via an insecure door and make a tidy search. They are disturbed and make off. Nothing stolen
  • Between  Oct 2016 1200 & 09 Oct 2016 1100 Springhead Road, Theft of tools from a shed.
  • Between 05 Oct 2016 1800 & 06 Oct 2016 1600, Hill Top Road, suspects/s enter a stone barn and steal 6 ACRO jacks used for building.
  • Between 03 Oct 2016 2300 & 04 Oct 2016 0700 Hillcrest Road, Sat nav stolen from insecure vehicle

October 4

October Newsletter from the Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner 

Rogue Traders Cold Calling Advice
Bradford District Police crime prevention department wish to bring to our attention the problems associated with bogus trades people purporting to represent the roofing, plumbing and property repair business who cold-call vulnerable residents.The work they carry out, assuming it is done, is often substandard or even dangerous and hundreds or thousands of pounds can be charged. This can leave people feeling cheated, intimidated and embarrassed. It is not just the vulnerable who are at risk, others have been targeted.We can help to prevent this by:-

  • Pointing out to our vulnerable residents not to answer the door to COLD callers.
  • Not to accept the word of cold callers.
  • Always to get a second opinion from a trusted source i.e. family, friends or neighbours before even considering having any property repairs done.
  • Always get detailed verification in writing of work to be carried out with evidence of trade qualifications and proof that the company is legitimate. Is the compnay a member of a trade guild or other professional organisation?
  • Never pay up front. Reputable companies do not need money for supplies or scaffolding before they start work.
  • Just because a neighbour is having work done on the roof or the drains and it connects to your property it does not mean that you have to have the work done or share in the cost.
  • Obtain more than one quote.
  • Do not be pressured into making a decison there and then. Special offers and instant discounts should be treated with suspicion. A reputable company will let you decide in your own time.
  • If in any doubt SAY NO
  • Check who is at the door before opening it and, if in doubt, leave it firmly shut.
  •  This type of cold calling is a criminal act and should be reported to the police


 Bradford District School Parking Campaign

  • Police have teamed up with primary schools in Bradford District to launch a crackdown on illegal and inconsiderate parking outside schools.
  • The initiative is being launched in response to complaints from residents, parents and schools across the district and will run throughout the autumn term from Monday, with the potential for further operations if the problem persists.
  • Please find further details attached.  School Parking Campaign (96 KB)

September 28

September 17

  • Between Saturday 17 Sep 2016 0130 &  17 Sep 2016 0600, Old Road, suspects force the lock on the front door& gain entry taking a wallet and two sets of car keys. The keys are used to steal 2 cars from the driveway.
  • Between Friday 16 Sep 2016 0920 &  16 Sep 2016 1355 Back Lane, 2 suspects have arrived in a dark green VW car. Suspect 1, the driver, has remained in the vehicle parked on the driveway of the attacked premises. Suspect 2 has forced open a wooden door, entered and removed computer equipment, jewellery & cash.
  • Between Sunday 11 Sep 2016 2000 & 12 Sep 2016 0720, Thornton Road,  shed lock forced. Power tools stolen
  • Between 11 Sep 2016 1200 & 11 Sep 2016 1800, Thornton Road, entry gained via an insecure door and cash and keys stolen from kitchen
  • Between 11 Sep 2016 0343 and  11 Sep 2016 0353, Shortway.  2 x suspects attempt to snap the lock to the front door using mole grips. They are disturbed and run off. Description of suspects: 2 MALES, MALE 1  wearing LIGHT COLOURED JOGGING TOP AND BOTTOMS, SMALL DARK SATCHEL BAG, LIGHT COLOURED NIKE AIR TRAINERS, GLOVES. MALE 2: wearing DARK ‘NORTH FACE’ JACKET, LIGHT COLOURED JOGGERS, LIGHT COLOURED BASEBALL HAT, GLOVES
  • Saturday 10 Sep 2016 0240 Cote Gap. Side window smashed and ‘Hublot’ watch stolen
  • 10 Sep 2016 0505, Alpine Rise,  suspects have accessed house keys through an unlocked cat flap & entered the property. They have removed a set of car keys and used these to steal a Volvo car from outside.
  • 10 Sep 2016 0308, High Wicken Close. Offenders use mole grips to snap door lock. No entry gained and 2 suspects are disturbed and run off.
  • Between Friday 09 Sep 2016 0300 & 09 Sep 2016 0700, Back Lane, Thornton. Offenders climb through insecure window and remove mobile phones, keys, jewellery & cash.
  • Bet Sep 2016 0415 & 08 Sep 2016 0430, Leaventhorpe Lane, offenders have entered by unknown means and stolen a coat, cash and then taken a Vauxhall car from the driveway using a set of keys.
  • Between Thursday 08 Sep 2016 2200 & 09 Sep 2016 0600, Hillcrest Road,  Bike stolen from garage
  • Between Monday 05 Sep 2016 2030 & 06 Sep 2016 0700, Southlands Grove, vehicle lock forced and clothing stolen.
  • Between  Sunday 04 Sep 2016 2300 & 05 Sep 2016 0600 Back Field, suspect/s gain entry by reaching through letter box with an implement and remove keys and unlock front door gaining entry. They take car keys and steal a vehicle parked outside.
  • Between Saturday 03 Sep 2016 0130 & 03 Sep 2016 0700 Ox Heys Meadows, offenders have gained entry through the conservatory door by snapping the euro profile lock. Purse, mobile phone, cash stolen
  • Between 03 Sep 2016 1700 & 03 Sep 2016 2330 School Green, an attempt to snap the euro profile lock. Damage is caused but no entry gained.
  • Between  17 Aug 2016 0600 & 17 Aug 2016 0608,Sapgate Lane.   Suspects attempt to force entry via a broken window but unable to do so but manage to reach in and take some keys. They are disturbed and make off. They are described as follows: Suspect 1: White male aged 20, blonde hair, small build, green / blue jacket Suspect 2: White male aged teens to 20’s
  • Between 16 Aug 2016 0300 & 16 Aug 2016 0700 North Cliffe Drive suspects enter side door of property and make a tidy search of ground floor removing several items including computer equipment, before taking car with keys from the driveway.
  • Between 5.45pm on Saturday 23 July and 6.15pm on 23 July, School Green, house broken into by breaking glass on door.  Computers, video games and iPhone stolen.
  • Between 4am on Friday 22 July and 6.40am on 22 July, Leaside Drive, Keys for house and vehicles stolen via letter box, 2 Audi vehicles then stolen from the driveway
  • Between 11pm on Thursday 21 July and 6.45am on Friday22 July, Oakhall Park, house broken into via conservatory window, mobile phones, laptops, and items of clothing stolen.  Suspect arrested.
  • Between 7pm on Monday 18 July and 9am on Tuesday19 July Sapgate Lane Vehicle broken into, CD player stolen.
  • Between 7pm on Monday 18 July, and 9am on Tuesday 19 July Sapgate Lane Garage broken into, nothing taken.
  • Between 1pm on Monday 18 July and 9am on Tuesday 19 July Northcliffe Drive Garage broken into, power tools stolen.
  • On Friday 15 July between 1am and 6.40am, Wensley Bank West. House broken into, keys to cars stolen, then car stolen.
  • Between Thursday 14 July at 6.30pm and Friday 15 July at 12.50pm, Sapgate Lane.  Shed broken into and tools stolen.
  • On Thursday 14th July around 5,20am., North Cliffe Grove  Garage broken into, nothing stolen
  • On Wednesday 13th July 2016, Old Road.  Vehicle broken into and stolen.
  • Between Sunday 10th July, 2016 at 8.59pm and Sunday 17 July 2016 at 8.30pm  Close Head Drive  Garage broken into and bicycles stolen.
  • Between 28 May 2016 0420 & 28 May 2016 0422 Allerton View Attempt made to force the door lock. Offenders are disturbed and make off. Suspects described as follows: Four males, all appeared to be dressed in black or blue hoodies with the hoods up. Two of them were quite short suggesting they were teenagers.
  • Between 28 May 2016 2310 & 29 May 2016 0420, Northcliffe Drive Rear lock forced and barrel snapped allowing access to kitchen, two tablets and two mobile phones removed.
  • Between 21 May 2016 2330 & 22 May 2016 0600 Egypt Road, offender enters property through an insecure front door and remove cash, wallet and computer equipment.
  • Between 16 Apr 2016 1400 & 16 Apr 2016 1530, Headley Lane, Thornton, suspect/s enter through insecure front door and remove car keys from living room. They steal Isuzu vehicle parked outside
  • Between 15 Apr 2016 0950 & 15 Apr 2016 1234 Brighouse and Denholme Road,  suspect/s force integral garage door to gain entry to premises. Jewellery and computer equipment stolen. An attempt was also made to steal a vehicle parked outside.
  • Attempted burglary  between 07 Apr 2016 1900 & 08 Apr 2016 1105    Currerbell Mews: door lock snapped, no entry gained.
  • Burglary dwelling, between 07 Apr 2016 2230 & 08 Apr 2016 0630, Harcourt Avenue:, euro profile lock forced using mole grips. Keys to a BMW were removed and used to steal this vehicle from outside the house
  • Back Field a property entered through an insecure front door and items removed from lounge and bedroom.  Items include Apple iPhone 5, handbag and contents, laptop computer, a Samsung TV and a set of keys for a Ford Fiesta  (in 24 hours to April 6th 2016)
  • Peugeot Partner Van parked on Alpine Rise, Thornton has been forcibly entered during early hours of 18th February and power tools removed
  • Recommendation for residents:
    • Remember 1 in 4 of all burglaries involve entry via an insecure door. Lock doors and windows even when you are at home. (Updated February 9, 2016)
  • Between 23 Jan 2016 1300 & 23 Jan 2016 1600 Leaventhorpe Lane, THORNTON, suspect(s) smash the outer pane of the glass in the conservatory door, but entry is not gained.
  • Bosch de Walt power tools removed from a Peugeot van parked overnight 21st/22nd on Harcourt Avenue, Thornton,
  • Renault Clio has been stolen from outside property on Woodsley Fold, Thornton at 0825hrs on 21st January.
  • Between 19 Jan 2016 1800 & 19 Jan 2016 1830, Thornton Road, THORNTON, suspects enter house via insecure rear door and remove purple handbag and contents
  • Between 17 Jan 2016 0300 & 17 Jan 2016 0620 Back Lane, THORNTON, suspect(s) force rear euro profile lock with snapping tool. Cash, electrical items stolen
  •  Thorpe Road,  Volkswagen Passat has had built in sat nav removed (In 24 hours to 15 January)
  • Between 14 Jan 2016 2230 & 15 Jan 2016 0500 Black Dyke Lane, THORNTON, Out buildings entered and Stihl, Husqvarna garden machinery stolen.
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