Thornton Antiquarian Society

  • Holds meetings, normally with speakers, on Wednesdays throughout the year at 2pm, normally at Thornton Community Centre, Market Street.  All are welcome.  Their programme of events is shown below.
  • Has an archive of photographs, drawings, maps, and research findings on the local history of Thornton  The archive is viewable at South Square by arrangement, contact      (Updated 30 April 2022)
  • Some individual members do research into different aspects of local history in Thornton and some present their findings at meetings of the Society.
  • Hold a Local History Exhibition, normally on the last Saturday of June, at Thornton Methodist Church, from 10am to 4pm.  Returning this year, 2022.
  • A large model of the former Thornton Railway Station was on display at the 2019 exhibition.  The photo shows part of the model.  The footbridge over the railway ran from the roadside and not as shown on the model.IMG-20160625-01284