Thornton Antiquarian Society

  • Holds meetings, normally with speakers, on Wednesdays throughout the year at 2pm, normally at Thornton Community Centre, Market Street.  All are welcome.  Their programme of events is shown below.
  • Has an archive of photographs, drawings, maps, and research findings on the local history of Thornton  The archive is viewable at South Square by arrangement, contact      (Updated 2nd August 2019)
  • Some individual members do research into different aspects of local history in Thornton and some present their findings at meetings of the Society.
  • Hold a Local History Exhibition, normally on the last Saturday of June, at Thornton Methodist Church, from 11am to 4pm.  
  • A large model of the former Thornton Railway Station was on display at the 2019 exhibition.  The photo shows part of the model.  IMG-20160625-01284

Thornton Antiquarian Society …….programme to follow